A poor imitation Guild Ball podcast – by idiots, for themselves

We are a pair of grown men who, frankly, should know better. But, here we are Podcasting about Guild Ball for your edification and delight. We are an adult Podcast and we use adult language. So proceed with caution if you are a delicate flower who might take offence. But, if you enjoy Guild Ball, love Podcasts and always wondered what Darth Vader would have sounded like if he was one of the Hairy Bikers, welcome aboard.


Just a pair of squabbling blokes who should know better
The funny one
Passive aggressive with astonishingly short attention span…er we mean a fluff centric assignation gamer. Super Pundit Wins stuff as well – Best Painted at Guild Cup 2015
The fertile one
Endlessly procrastinating competitive gamer, UK no1 ranked player and member of Steamforged Games Rule Lawyer team. Britcon 2015, Skaldic Shield 2015, Frozen Balls 2015, Vapnartak 2016, Guild Ball Champion, and Guild Cup 2015 Runner Up, (My son won that one – yay)

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