The Podcast

Episode 21 – Its good to try new things

Episode 20 – Are they a twat

Episode 19 – With Lox

Las Ramblas

Bushido Special – No Guild Ball

Episode 18 – Jamie owes me a Pint

Episode 17 – Sorry Dustins Mum

Episode 16- Free the Stockport 5

Episode 15 – Darksouls and Salute

Episode 14 – Rusty the Seagull and Hunters!

Episode 13 – Fat Legs, Big Balls

Episode 12 – Blind is Shit – (Not Really)

Episode 11 – Captain Rage & Vapnartak

Episode 10 – We Love Tape measures with Jamie P


Episode 9 – Fuck My Socks its Christmas with Mat Hart


Episode 8 The one like Johah Falcon


Episode 7: The one where we said C***

0:00 to 2:00 Pre waffle and intro

2.:00 min – Pissing competition

27:00 – Twitter questions, ‘just add sharks’ and ‘’ plugs and competition results

37:00 – Its Jay Finnegan

43:00 Skaldic Shield Update

49:00 Building to beat engineers

52:00 player discussion, fangthooth, Compound, Harry the Hat,

57:00 Snakeskin and Minx in depth

1:19 Chisel & Tenderiser thoughts

1:30 Chris sells his soul

1:37 Winter Wreath Update

1:43 going rate on Hits in Middlesbrough

1:46 Guild Ball Informer Upcoming stuff

1:54 Mr and Mr

End Music – One Man Band by Juzzie Smith – give it s listen its superb


Episode 6: je bent gewoon verkeerd neuken

0.0 to 13m Intro and waffle

13m to 31m Mr and mr

31m to 33m Devonian or Cornwallian

33m to 36m glue sniffing and pronunciation

36m to 1h 46 errata day

1h 46 to 1hr 50 efficient murdering

1hr 50 to 1 hr 52 competition

1hr 52 to 1hr 57 UFC

1hr 57 to 1 hr 59the resident band

1hr 59 to 2hr 05 tournament details

2hr 05 to end wind down and goodbye


Episode 5 – Jumping the Shark

0-1m re Waffle (apologies for the noise – it gets better, honestly. New Technology and all that)

1m 6m50- Intro

6m50 – 27m 55 Mr, Mr and Mr

27m 55 to 1hr 11m tournament report

1hr 12 – 1hr 23 pissing competition and thoughts on Avarice and Greede

1hr 23 – 1hr 55 tourney etiquette

1hr 55 to 2hr 15 Season 2 spoilers

2hr 16 thoughts on potential union tweaks

2hr 29 – 2hr 43 min thoughts on football vs fighting

2hr 43 – sign off


Don’t forget to go to the WAAC raffle and buy your tickets to win a fully painted Alchemist team. Be quick though, it closes on the 3rd October!


Episode 4 – The one like Vincent Benedict

This is the second half of our experiment to see if we could record two episodes at the same time. Turns out we can technically but we wont be doing it again!

0 to 0:1m 50 Waffly Intro rubbish

1m50 to 17m 45 Mr and Mr

17m 45: 1hr 1m Momentum

1hr 1m to 1hr 2m sign off


Episode 3 The Godfather Part 3



Show Notes,

0:00 to 1:00 genuine anecdote

1:00 to 3:30 Intro and Waffle

3:30 to 16:32 Mr and Mr

16:32 to 24:00 Pissing Contest

24:00 to 34:00 Britcon Summary in bullshit hints

34:00 to 1hr Britcon main event game roundup and thoughts on stuff

1hr to 1hr :12 speedball or fucking midus

1hr:12 to 1hr :15 broken butchers?

1hr:15 to 1Hr 21 other games played

1hr 21 to 1hr 30 team selection thoughts, changing play style and the need for union

1hr:30 to 1hr:43 influence stuff – passive vs active players and how much feta can you fit up one nostril

1hr:43 to 1hr:50 whats happening in gaming!

1hr:50 to 1hr:56 tournament roundup

1hr:56 to 2hr:06 round up, audience abuse and player idea (Steamforged guys listed to this!!)

2hr:06 onwards upbeat sign off and out takes


Episode 2 Verbal Masturbation

Waffely Rubbish and intro – 0.00 – 1m45

Pissing Competition 1m45 to 7m

General Games Played 7m to 17 mins

Tourny roundup, games and insight 17mins to 1h 22

Death clock thoughts 1hr 21 to 1hr 27

Upcoming tournaments 1hr 27 to 1hr 45

Mr and Mr 1hr 45 to 1hr 56 (cut short by software failure)

Interactive Twitter stuff and end 1hr 56 to 2hr04



Episode 1

What you’ve all been waiting for…..episode 1 – It Lives!


27 thoughts on “The Podcast

  • Must not listen whilst painting not a straight line in sight tonight – nice one guys made me laugh out more than a few time. “Hemlock, fucking Hemlock, did she get play tested?” 🙂

  • Chris (funny) and Steve (Britcon chumpeon)
    More good bobbins from the only two Northern fellows with a computer….

  • you guys thought about recording a video of a game and doing commentary? like the finals of a tornie? something to work towards?

    • we are currently discussing it, it may happen but it depends on set up equipment etc. If you are keen for some video goodness (and share our sense of humour) check out ‘the battlehammer’ on youtube. They have done loads of GB vids.

      Tell them we sent you!

  • Very good going lads, always a chuckle with only a small amount of please don’t go there, nice.

    Thought I bet say something, just to prove there’s at least three of us with computers up North, Roj.

    Have you ever, when putting a team together or even choice to purchase, taken into account the ridiculously thin or preposterous join of large and unwieldy elements of a model, so the cack handed and naturally graceless don’t smash in use?

    Just a thought, does it make a difference or are you so hard core you don’t care what a model even looks like.

    • My models are held together with the tears of defeated oponents, no stronger glue than that. The other monkey uses pure force of will. In your case i suggest trying a hammer.

  • How to make the most momentum with 3 influence on a single model;

    You’re playing Brewers (Tapper, Stave, Harry, Avarisse & Greede, Scum, Friday) and your opponent is playing Butchers (doesn’t matter what they’re playing apart from Boar who is our victim). It’s important that you’re quite drunk while this is happening, you will need a stray tom cat, a spray bottle full of another tom cat’s piss and a spare set of socks. It’s also important that you have scoped out your opponent’s car before the game starts.

    Greede has been detached from Avarisse, Boar has been knocked down, surrounded and marked with a vengeance token due to some prior butchery which has already been patched up because he’s a useless bugger and couldn’t put a lasting wound on a plate of pudding. He’s been singled out by Avarisse (the creepy bastard) and is within Tapper’s commanding aura, which I assume is generated by the odour of the shitty beer he’s been wallowing in. If you’re drunk enough you can add your own aura to this, it probably gives you a similar bonus. You have Scum loaded up with 3 influence and he wanders over to Boar, finding himself within Harry the Hat’s Inspiring Hat aura. Seriously, what a ponce. At this point Scum has tac 8 vs Boar and gets +6 dice for the crowding out and +1 dice for Boar being knocked down. Scum makes three attacks, rolling a total of 45 dice – assuming all roll 2+, and triggering the vengeance token on one of the attacks, you will gain 16 momentum and Boar will be very dead. That’s some real butchery. From a cat.

    You could call it a night here, but if you feel like you need more momentum (and who doesn’t?), get out your spray bottle and spray your opponent, then (forcefully) release the stray cat on your opponent. While they’re distracted by the mauling, put Stave in one sock, Avarisse and Greede in another and threaten to beat your opponent unless they give you all their momentum tokens. And maybe their wallet. And the keys to their car because you’re going to need to make a quick getaway.

    All joking aside, I was once mauled by a cat. Still got the scars on my leg to prove it. Had to get a tetanus shot. But really, that’s another story.

  • Everyone says your widgets are the best. The interwebs are failing me and I can find no way to look at and order them. Help?

    • wow, this is an old one, sorry it got lost in all the offers of penis enlargement and Nigerian princes wanting to give us money. If you’re still after them send me a message on FB (Who Cares Who Wins A Guild Ball Podcast) or twitter @wcwwpodcast and we can sort it out.

  • Any further with the ideas about goal tokens?
    I have: A pillar with exactly half an arch for the Masons. A golden buddha statue in a goldfish pond for the Union and a broken pillar (Victorian symbol of a shortened life.) for the Morts.
    (I always worry when you have to explain jokes! Not so funny really.)

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